The hidden benefits of working with your best furry friend

We know the obvious positives to having your dog tag along to work with you, but did you know there are some great hidden benefits as well? Take a look.

Lowers Stress Stress in the workplace is inevitable, but studies show dogs can help lower stress levels and improve employee job satisfaction. After all, pets tend to create a comfortable work environment that helps to counterbalance any on-the-job tension.

A fluffy office is a friendly office Dogs are a social catalyst. Stopping by someone's desk to give their dog a belly rub inevitably lead to conversation with their owners. Surveys have shown that dogs in the workplace lead to more trust in the workplace, resulting in greater collaboration. Dogs are an easy way to improve relationships among co-workers.

Boosts productivity & creativity Going for a walk, taking a break or playing with a pup is proven to deliver mental heath benefits allowing the brain to relax which boosts inspiration increasing creativity and results in positive outcomes.Employees feel rejuvenated just from being in the presence of dogs due to their happy nature and hormonal affect from patting them.

Improves communication Poor communication in the workplace can be a huge hindrance to productivity. Particularly in offices where people tend to stick to themselves, office dogs encourage team building. Dogs create an instant shared interest and can facilitate deeper conversations—which is great for improving communication in the office.

Enhances work culture Everyone is addicted to that instant mood booster you get when a dog greets you excitedly. That kind of satisfaction can only come from the unconditional adoration of a canine—and it can do wonders for office morale. Dealing with the pressure of a tight deadline? Keep calm and pat the dog!

Encourages employee health Office dogs encourage healthy work habits. Because dogs need to go outside from time to time, this encourages workers to take a short break, which is great for their mental health, fitness & increases social behaviours in the workplace. Active pets require active humans & active humans make for more energised employees.

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