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Our Story

Life is short, and work is often long. Our goal is for people to be happier in their workplace. 

So, combining our love for dogs and our passion for engaging communities in the workplace,  we created DeskDogs, which we know will be the ultimate  crowd pleaser. 

People are striving more than ever for that seemingly unachievable 'work-life' balance. Bringing a piece of their life with them to work can tip the scales in a hugely positive way. 

Our notion is that by allowing dogs in the workplace, you're not just making work better, but people's lives better. Many people feel they can't get a dog because they are restricted by their work. But now there is a solution, and it's us! 


The bottom line is, we want to do the work for you so you can live a better work life with your best mate by your side.

about us

Founded in Brisbane, Australia, DeskDogs is the leader in creating pet-friendly workplaces in commercial realestate. 

  DeskDogs offer a specialized service for companies looking to improve their staff well-being, combat stress and encourage team collaboration.


Change should start at the top, which would be the landlords of commercial buildings. We want to change the way people work in their corporate offices and high rise buildings. By becoming pet-friendly, we will all change the workplace for the better 

DeskDogs do all the behind the scenes work involved when introducing pets into your workplace, so your tenants and employees can simply enjoy the benefits. But we don't just get you ready and leave you, we will be there for you with our support team, engaging with you through our online platform and entertaining you with our bespoke events created just for your community. 

For our landlords, we are your experts in making your commercial space pet-friendly, for which your tenants will love you for. With scientific studies showing a positive effect on decreasing blood pressure and reduced cortisol levels, interacting with a pet, and especially your own pet, is something that has a proven benefit to the well-being of any individual. 


Our service is designed to support and engage your community, by bringing a piece of happiness that encourages a work-lie balance in which the positive effects will be felt immediately. 

If you’d like to know more about how you can make dogs in your workplace a reality, book a obligation free chat with a DeskDogs consultant and find out how you can bring your workplace into the future. 

We are unique

Full service


Created the market

DeskDogs is the only major provider for adapting workplaces into becoming pet-friendly. We are a full, one stop shop service that will help you achieve your tenant experience goals when having pets in the workplace. 

Not only do we handle the day to day, the paperwork and the hidden details of making workplaces pet-friendly, we also engage your community via an online intranet, made just for them, and put on exciting events for your working community. 

We have pioneered this gap in the market to assist companies, commercial land lords and employers to create a better workplace for their community.