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WELCOME TO YOUR SECRET WEAPON for Creating happiness in the workplace

Do you know what the simplest & most cost effective way to keep people happy at work is?

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dog-friendly workplaces!

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Our mission is simple...

To improve the life of working people & their pets.

Ever wanted your office to be pet-friendly? We do the work for you so you can live a better work life with your best mate by your side. 


There can be a lot involved when bringing a pet into work, like preparing your workplace, your pet & yourself. We have everything you need to make this new cultural addition to your workplace a success.  

We handle all the paper work & stress so you can focus on work & simply enjoy the benefits of having either your pet, or other pets around you. 

with more people working from home there has beer been a better time ---

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Dogs in the workplace

Join the revolution

We are the leader in creating pet-friendly workplaces!

The typical office space is a thing of the past & workplaces are evolving based on people's needs.  More than ever people are striving to find a good work-life balance.

Too often people are restricted by their work which can hinder them from having the lifestyle they want, in particular, owning a dog. 

The solution, allowing owners to bring their dogs into the workplace, and maybe sooner than you think, cats and other small pets. 


 Imagine, not just the competitive edge you would have as an employer, but the gift you could give to your company or workplace. The gift and joy that are dogs.

We are changing the commercial real-estate market by making workplaces pet-friendly.
It's time to make everyday at work the best day ever!

Did you know?

A national survey has found that 7 out of 10 millennials would take a substantial pay cut for the ability to take their dog to work! 

64% of households in Australia have a pet

59% of people who didn't have a pet, wanted one

66% of households regard their pets as part of the family 

Bringing your dog to work has multiple benefits like:

Lowering stress

Increasing creativity

Encouraging productivity

Promotes a positive work culture

Improving communication

Boosts health

& it's great for your dog too!

Want to know more about the benefits of having dogs in your workplace?

We are for the whole working community!

landlords        employers      employees 


Commercial real estate portfolios & properties of all sizes

Ability to implement over large portfolios seamlessly


Builds a stronger community

Ability to engage with tenants with a new platform

Support & customer service

Exclusive offering in a competitive market

A cost effective engagement solution

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Be the hottest company on the block 

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Increase staff retention

Improve work environment

Attract new talent

Site inspections & office space evaluation

Custom Policies & Procedures 

Support with complaints, feedback & technology


Get to be part of the best workplace ever

Dog assessment prior to approval

Easy to use booking system

Exclusive offers from partners

Welcome pack & ID badge for dogs

Online engagement & events

Go to work with your best furry friend

Dog Portrait

For the love of dogs!


Engage with your working community through your furry friends 

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Refresh your community with online news, articles & more

Good communication is fundamental for any workplace. We create relevant news, articles, events, updates and more, and publish them on our desktop site ready for your community to view and enjoy.


  • News

  • Event information 

  • News letters

  • Engaging online content

Online Sharepoint

Bring your dog community all together in one place

Give the dog lovers in your workplace an online platform to engage with each other. Access to this platform is not just open to those who bring their dogs to work, but to the entire community, so everyone can enjoy the fun.


  • Ability to add branding & customisation to desktop site

  • Safe space for community conversation

  • Easy to use booking system

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Excite your community wIth events tailor made for them


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Special events, brought to you for the whole working community to enjoy, which includes your four-legged friends. 


  • Specially designed events for you & your dog

  • Event ticketing & RSVP

  • Calendar integration

  • Promote free and ticketed events 

  • Seasonal events brought to life.

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Building & policy Information

Easy to access documents needed to go Pet-friendly

Give your community quick and easy access to information they will need to assist in making their work environment pet-friendly. 


  • Promote amenities & facilities  

  • Pet workplace introduction handbook 

  • New employee/company pet onboarding information  

  • Emergency procedures 

  • Pet policies & procedures

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We go the extra mile, because we believe work should be enjoyed

& Much more

When having pets in the office, a lot can be involved, so we have everything you need to make this new cultural addition to your workplace a success!


  • Possibility for integration with existing engagement strategies & platforms

  • Access to a network of partners 

  • Custom policies & procedures

  • Puppy perks: Birthday Club, Custom ID tags, competition, giveaways

  • Charity spotlights

  • Treats regularly delivered to reception

  • Reporting & engagement insights 

  • and more

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benefits of dogs in the workplace




Stress in the workplace is inevitable, but studies show dogs can help lower stress levels and improve employee job satisfaction. After all, pets tend to create a comfortable work environment that helps to counterbalance any on-the-job tension. When you think about how adorable dogs can be, it makes complete sense that having them around the workplace would be everyone happier.



Dogs are a social catalyst. Stopping by someones desk to give their dog a belly rub inevitably lead to conversation with their owners. Surveys have shown that dogs in the workplace lead to more trust in the workplace, resulting in greater collaboration. Dogs are an easy way to improve relationship among co-workers.

Office dogs encourage healthy work habits. Because dog's need to go outside from time to time, this encourages workers to take a short break, which is great for their mental health, fitness and increases social behaviours in the workplace. 

Active pets require active humans and active humans make for more energised employees.


Poor communication in the workplace can be a huge hindrance to productivity. Particularly in offices where people tend to stick to themselves, dogs in the office encourage team building. Dogs create an instant shared interest and can facilitate deeper conversations—which is great for improving communication in the office.


Going for a walk, taking a break or playing with a pup is proven to deliver mental heath benefits allowing the brain to relax which boosts inspiration increasing creativity and results in positive outcomes.

Employees feel rejuvenated just from being in the presence of dogs due to their happy nature and hormonal affect from patting them.


Everyone is addicted to that instant mood booster you get when a dog greets you excitedly. That kind of satisfaction can only come from the unconditional adoration of a canine—and it can do wonders for office morale. Dealing with the pressure of a tight deadline? Keep calm and pat the dog!


It can be scary to be the new person on the team, but imagine having your best friend by your side helping you make a great impression.

Having a dog makes office life more spontaneous and fun.

Happier to be with their owner

Lots of new smells to explore

Socialise with new human friends

Eases their stress & anxiety from being home alone

its not just good for us, it's good for the dogs too!

Increases their social life

Can improves their behaviour around other dogs

Day full of belly rubs & treats

Want dogs in your workplace?


Contact us to find out how to open up your workplace to the dogs

Dogs and more

Exclusive to your community

Not only do members get to go to work with their best friend by their side, they also get: 

A welcome pack full of goodies for your fur baby

Professional dog training and advice

Hassel free booking system

IT & communications support 

Custom policies & procedures pack 

Office and building events that include your furry friend

Custom work ID badge for your dog 

Access to your Pawesome Community via a special designed intranet

Interesting & relevant content uploaded daily

Want to be part of this pawesome community?

What People Say

“We are living in tight economic times with everything from petrol to power and rent to rates on the rise, so when eight million Australians say they are willing to take a pay cut for the privilege of working alongside their pets, employers should take note.

Deb Morrison,
CEO & Founder, PetCloud